FAQ - Package

Q&A / basic services and security system information

If you wish to use Multi-User Management feature from SECOM Smart Security, you would have to choose "Smart Security Plus" as it will provide the capability for you to easily take all control of multiple branches via one single platform.
No, SECOM Smart Security does not work together with the existing SECOM systems. However, the systems can be installed together in the same site, with separate control and management.
No, we do not offer any price discount. We would like to offer the standard fixed price for your primal security and smart device planning.
It is depend on the package. Start from 500clips per month. Please choose the best package that fit to your business needs. The capacity of storage are shared across all of your video cameras. Once you’ve reached the limit, the oldest clips will be overwritten, unless you have protected them.
You need to select 1 package from 3 different types of packages, based on your needs and property type and size. What's more, you can add security devices on the selected package.
Yes, it is possible. Please contact Customer Support at 02-285-0999 or send an email to [email protected]