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You’ll get an alert if your control panel loses power. And, Your control panel automatically switches over to a backup battery that will last 7-8 hours (based on a fully charged battery). If your panel is armed, your door & window sensors, image sensors, Smoke Detectors and motions sensors will continue to function and monitor your property. If triggered they will activate the control panel siren and any alerts you have set up. Your video cameras (including video doorbells) won’t work without power so you will not be able to record video clips and can not view live camera. Once power is restored, your panel will resume all functions and continue to work as normal, as well as recharging the backup battery.
If you lose internet connection: your video cameras will stop working and you won’t be able to record clips or view live camera until the connection is restored. And, alarm singnals, images or data will not be uploaded to the app or web portal. However, these are stored on the control panel and will automatically upload once the network is restored. You will not be able to control your panel from the app or web portal so you will have to arm or disarm directly from the control panel. Your panel will also be unable to send you alerts. However, it will continue to work like a traditional alarm system with the siren sounding if it is armed and one of your sensors is triggered.
You will need to call Customer Support at 02-285-0999. The new internet router have to be updated its setting.
The ticket is a kind of tool that you can raise the issue with your system. You can issue the ticket from web portal or Mobile APP, and you can describe the issue for SECOM to work for it. And you can monitor the status of it. (Status view in only available in Web Portal)
    How to Issue Ticket - Web Portal
  • login to web portal www.secom.co.th/ss
  • click " ? " on right top > Support Center > Create New Ticket > fill in the form
    How to Issue Ticket - Mobile App
  • login to Mobile App > Support > Contact Us > Submit Help Ticket > fill in the form